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Sebastian SchützeSebastian Schütze
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Me, Myself and I

Hi, Sebastian here. I am a Berliner… really! I was created and born here. Not like many south german traveller. They really think living 2 years here and knowing what a “Schrippe” means makes them locals.

I sleep pretty well, besides some minor sleep deprivations. When I do something I love, coding, writing (technical ;-)) and other Microsoft related stuff, sleep needs to wait.

In the past (2013) I made my diploma at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin. But I wrote my thesis at the “Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt”.

My current company I work for!

During my time at the university I have been a great Microsoft Studdent Partner (really!). I could socialize with some pretty awesome people. Even if you go seperate ways, you see many of them see here and there. With Microsoft I dedicated my time with web development, but quickly moved to SharePoint for 4 years and finally shifted to a much more interesting topic: Azure and everything about DevOps (and the whole philosophy)

But the blog should mainly focus on SharePoint, Azure and DevOps and anything around it.

You will find some older posts in German. Sometimes I’m going to write something in German, but that will be very rarely.

Social Networks

Here you can find some of my professional profiles if you want to get in contact.

MCP Profil:          http://www.mycertprofile.com/Profile/1823064740
LinkedIn:             https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastianschuetze
Xing:                    https://www.xing.com/profile/Sebastian_Schuetze4
Twitter:               https://twitter.com/razorspoint
StackExchange: http://stackexchange.com/users/342052/sebastian-schütze

DevOps / VSTS
Knolwedge about DevOps methodologies together with VSTS
Azure Development
Knowledge of resources from a developers point of view
Azure Infrastructure
Knowledge of resources from a IT pro point of view
SharePoint 2013 / 2016 / Online
Office 365
For development as well as IT pro

Sebastian Schütze is working as a Senior SharePoint Developer since 2017 at Schindler Digital Business and from 2013-2017 as a SharePoint Consultant at Fritz & Macziol. Beforehand he also worked as a trainer for ASP.NET web development in the Microsoft Student Partner Program. His passion is dedicated to Microsoft technologies.