Whats my first post?

Sebastian SchützeSebastian Schütze

So what’s with the blogging? Am I infected as well? Maybe or better to say “we’ll see”! I was thinking: “What could be my first post?”. I could come up with a hell of an article but I think I dedicate my first post to the creative head of the blog software I am using. For the ones who still don’t know what I am using… It is WordPress! The creative Head I am talking about is Matt (actually Mathew) Mullenweg. His name sounds Jewish to me. But this is just a wild guess. But before I write to much here I am going to present a video of a presentation of his talk he gave. Very interesting one I think. But watch it by yourself:

Sebastian is an Azure Nerd with focus on DevOps and Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) that converted from the big world of SharePoint and O365. He was working with O365 since 2013 and loved it ever since. As his focus shifted in 2017 to more DevOps related topics in the Microsoft Stack. He learned to love the possibilities of automation. Besides writing articles in his blog and German magazines, he is still contributing to the SharePoint Developer Community (and PnP SharePoint) to help to make the ALM part a smoother place to live in.

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    Thanks for the interesting post! May I ask where you get your sources from?

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