SSO with Azure Active Directory and WordPress

Sebastian SchützeSebastian Schütze

My blog is running on WordPress. I also have my own O365 tenant and I am also using Azure to try out some stuff. One of my wishes was, to not have to worry about my WordPress logins. The best thing would be to have SSO for my blog with my Azure Account, as I am using my Windows 10 machine, O365 and Azure with one account. I already tried to find something like this around two years ago.

Recently I researched again and came over a not listed WordPress Plugin on GitHub, which is called Sign Sign-on with Azure Active Directory (for WordPress). The installation is pretty straightforward and explained on the GitHub.

Fine grained Permission options

There are different fine-grained options. You have the possibility to completely deactivate the WP login page. You will then be directly forwarded to your Microsoft login page. If a new user is created in Azure and wants to login into WordPress, then a new account can be created conveniently. This plugin is pretty awesome!

You can go even further and not allow accounts to be created by default and instead connect WP roles to Azure AD Groups. This means if you add user to an Azure AD Group and connect that group to for example the Administrator Role in WP, then all users in the AD Group that log in the first time on WordPress get added to the WordPress Administrator Role.

Sebastian is an Azure Nerd with focus on DevOps and Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) that converted from the big world of SharePoint and O365. He was working with O365 since 2013 and loved it ever since. As his focus shifted in 2017 to more DevOps related topics in the Microsoft Stack. He learned to love the possibilities of automation. Besides writing articles in his blog and German magazines, he is still contributing to the SharePoint Developer Community (and PnP SharePoint) to help to make the ALM part a smoother place to live in.

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